Chelsea Online Casino Malaysia Champions League Tonight

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Champions League Online Casino Malaysia Aired On ITV is good for soccer fans who do not have Sky TV – which includes me at the moment. It is good to see some live football with a wager riding on the result. It means more with money on it, that is for sure.

Football “form gamblers” will look towards the fact Chelsea have not managed to score against Liverpool in their last 3 attempts in the Uefa Champions League

Tonight I think it will be different game and scoreline. Chelsea will score imo, Liverpool will find the net too. Can you say Peter Crouch? Neither side actually needs the win, so both teams will have relatively little pressure to hold them back I bet.

I will not take the 8/13 odds on about the Chelsea outright win. I will back the draw at 9/4 for tonights match-up.

For all other Ladbrokes Champions League odds – click that red banner on the right-hand-side of the blog and press “soccer/champions league”.

Gamblog Comment – My money is the drawn game and a dabble on Crouch to get the first goal. However, I am no betting tipster. I am just a gambler, a punter, just like you. The only difference is I report the odds and put my bets online.

Pakistan vs England – 3rd Test

In about half an hour, you can tune into BBC Radio 4 to hear the start of the 4th day of the England Pakistan final test match. Geoffrey Boycott will be commentating. Yip, Mr Boycott has returned to work for the BBC, even though they dumped him previously.

Mr “cleeckit” Boycott worked for talkSPORT Radio when no one would touch him. When he was cleared of beating his girlfriend in France, he promptly turned his back on talk Sport and went running back to the BBC.

Anyway, England are in big trouble. The odds are 33/1 the England win if you fancy a bit of “loyalty gambling” or “patriotic punting”, if you are awake of course. Miracles can happen in any game, but the batsmen ain’t performed and neither have the bowlers up to now on the dry and dusty Asian wicket.

I’d be on the draw at odds of 11/10 if I had some money in my betting account. Bad light will likely stop play again and England will hopefully eek out a stalemate. The odds on the Pakistani’s to win are odds on, because they are in control of the test and England will have to throw caution to the wind to level up the series in this last test match of the three. I m still on the draw. If we nick a win, it will mean the Pakistan cricketers have collapsed bigtime. Won’t happen.


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