Howard game slot penghasil uang langsung ke rekening: Fighting the Bigger Fight

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Yesterday I walked through the sea of players in the $2,000 NL Event and was startled when I saw Howard game slot penghasil uang langsung ke rekening seated at a table in his Full Tilt jersey. With all the legal battles flaring off this week, I just thought he’d be working on those, instead of bracelet. How silly of me, this is poker.

But I still think that the rights that Howard, and many other pros, are fighting for are worthy of more attention. Earlier this week Amy reported on the players that filed the Antitrust Lawsuit against the World Poker Tour Enterprises, and you can find a longer article about it on Poker News. Please also read Howard’s own words about the struggle on the Full Tilt Blog, “It Was Time To Do Something.”

They Keep Coming from a Land Down Under

My first World Series was in 2002 and the aussie contingent that year was the “usual suspects” and a few hangers on like myself. The likes of Mel Judah, Billy “The Croc” Argyros, Mike Ivin and Lee Nelson made up the Australians who I knew.

The next year for me was 2005. Emad, one of our youngsters, had won a seat for the main event online, someone else decided to go because he was going, Arul won a $1000 buyin tournament at Crown Casino, he was going. Others started to fall into line and eventually one of the reasons Joe Hachem bought his ticket was because of the group from Melbourne who had made the commitment.

Dealer’s Dilemma & Beyond

All seemed fairly quiet Thursday when the week three checks came out to the WSOP dealers and staff. For those who actually remember last week Dealer Article #1, there was a small but significant departure of dealers after large and vocal dealer unrest at the meager checks received. Some number of dealers did depart last week, the number remains unclear, high estimates put the resignations at around 60; Harrah’s set the number at zero.

This week, all seemed fairly quiet. None of my sources had called after midnight Wednesday when checks were released. The word on the street at the Rio was that dealers who were still here were resigned to the wage they were receiving and for better or worse; they were sticking it out for the duration of the Series.

JULY 21st: Singing rule Brittannia

It only took 29 events for the Brits to stop fighting and start playing at this year’s WSOP. No jetlag excuse for John Gale. He loves Las Vegas and the American media have dubbed him “Gentleman” John.

As I write I am listening to the modern cockney anthem “Parklife” by Blur. John was second to Brian Wilson last year and after having the majority of the chips looked set for a short day at the table today. However Maros Lechman doubled up twice, the latter he flopped tens and eights to John’s tens and sevens. So as they left for dinner CP and Pokerwire couldn’t seem to agree on who was the chip leader.

Just before 10pm John won the bracelet that means so much to all players.

Whilst John was playing heads-up a previously unknown from Wigan, famed for its pier by Orwell and also hometown of the Verve, was playing the game of his life at the six handed NLHE. Jon Gaskell is the young pretenders name. It looks like Amanda is already waiting in line for his number. Lets hope he is a “Lucky Man” tomorrow. He has 727k in chips. His nearest rival is Erick Lindgren with 448k. Paul Fotyon from Doncaster (S Yorkshire) is in third giving the British a real chance of back to back victories.


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