Skin Care Myths You Should Know About – Explained by best botox providers in hawaii

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When we talk about skin care we often have to deal with lot of myths surrounding it. Myths often confuse us and lead us to take wrong decisions about our skin care routine. So it becomes essential that we separate the myths from facts before we plan our skin care routine. If you are looking forward to best botox providers in hawaii

Skin Care Myths

Women have often been told that their skin will look like their mother’s in 30 years. Genetics does play a big role in the type of skin you have. However, the type of skin care routine that you follow also plays an important role in the type of skin that you will have when you turn 30. Your drinking and eating habits, lifestyle, etc. will determine your skin condition.

Many people are brought up believing that they should wash their face until it is squeaky clean. This is not just wrong but also harmful for your skin because you end up stripping your skin of its essential oils. Use a gentle cleanser and wash your face at least twice a day.

Another myth says that you should always wash your face with hot water to remove dirt and oil. The fact is that hot water is too harsh for skin. You should always use lukewarm water to wash your face.

Then there is a wide-spread myth that people should stick with skin care products that have worked for them in the past. Remember that skin does not always remain the same so how can you keep on using the same product. Change your skin care products according to the needs of your skin. Besides, there are always new skin care products coming in the market that might be more effective for you but you would not know this without trying them.

Many people are also told that if they get a micro-dermabrasion, you would need to use expensive post-treatment skin care creams. Nothing can be more far from the truth. You just need to get skin care products that are made for sensitive and compromised skins. It not hard to find such skin care products and neither are they very expensive.

Causes Of Acne

Chocolates and oily food can cause acne. We have heard this before and guess what- this is totally untrue. According to top dermatologists acne is not caused by what we eat. Stress, steroids, genetics, etc. are some of the main causes of acne.

Another skin care myth that you must have heard is that suntan can clear up dull complexion and acne. Suntan might temporarily mask your acne but over a period of time overexposure to sun will worsen the problem.

Differentiating facts from myths will help us in following the right skin care for a healthy looking skin.


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